January 31, 2012

For Your Home - The Pond MarketFor Your Home - The Pond MarketFor Your Home - The Pond Market
Well hello there, awesome vintagey goodness. Introducing Over The Pond, run by Ana Maria and now loved by yours truly. 

January 30, 2012

It's Drawingmachine! Love at first sight, people. This amazing art is like getting a three-for-one special...sculpture, installation, AND drawing. Eske Rex created a construction involving two pendulums, each suspended from a tower construction and connected through "drawing arms" and moveable joints (check out the video). A ballpoint pen resting on a drawing surface covered with paper is mounted at the point where the pendulums come together. The pendulums are set in motion by hand, and their movements are represented on the paper. The movements of the pendulums affect the entire room, and the experience is totally engaging. While the rhythmic repetitions cause you to pause, the drawing emerges on the paper. Now that's some serious art.

January 27, 2012

Tiny Pie Friday. Is there a better way to end the week?! 
Wishing you the sweetest weekend. Ever. xoxo

January 25, 2012

Seein' Scales.

sale. octopus garden giclee print. 12X12.sale. letterpress illustrated suns card.letterpress birds card.
Just some happy art today, brought to you by The Paper Nut.  I love the graphic images and bright colors...two of my favorite things when it comes to print and design. I've been wanting to create some letterpress posters for a LONG time, and coming across work like this really gives me the itch...in a good way. 

January 20, 2012

Some sneak peek photos of this week's SPROUT STUDIO project. I'm a little in love with them already. Have a great weekend!

January 19, 2012

Oh. My. Sometimes I come across art that completely takes my breath away. I'm over-the-top for these beauties. A Southern girl like myself, Katherine Sandoz is smitten with (and resides close to) one of my favorite places...ever! Savannah, Georgia. I visited this little piece of heaven a couple of years ago with my mom and three sisters, and we all fell in love the minute our tires crossed the county line. I can certainly see how such an inspiring place has fueled Katherine's unbelievable work. Makes me want to grab my brushes and get to work!

January 18, 2012

Baked Pasta with Mini Meatballs

Zucchini Blossom Fritters

Spiced Red Lentil Soup with Cashews

Classic Reuben

Roasted Brussel Sprouts with Pecans
Ricotta Pancakes

Foodie post day...brought to you by The Parsley Thief. I can't remember exactly how I came across this amazing bites blog, but I'm so glad I did. It never disappoints in the taste department, and the ease of each recipe is an added bonus. This week brought Baked Pasta with Mini Meatballs to my dinner table...perfect for a rainy, cold night...and this weekend might just have to bring Ricotta Pancakes. Who's hungry?!

January 16, 2012

January 13, 2012

Hittin' the dusty and headed south to Music City tomorrow...yippee and yeehaw! SO looking forward to some seriously fierce food, a lotta loud music, and a few strong drinks. Hope you have some honky tonk plans of your own this weekend. xoxo
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