January 11, 2011

I love birthdays...and I love that I was able to help my sweet sister celebrate hers this past weekend. Six of the loveliest ladies around headed out to drink, eat, laugh, and drink some more. This photo was taken as the birthday girl was surprised with a festive little dessert...warm pretzel beignets with caramel marscarpone. Heaven. Time spent with the people you love dearly is certainly something to cherish.


  1. that has to be the sweetest post i've ever seen... how grateful I am to have spent my birthday with five (and later seven) of the best people I know, thank you so much for making this one of the most memorable birthdays to date... cheers to 28!!!

  2. sounds amazing! wish i could've been with!! xo kelly

  3. you're more than welcome, sister. xoxo love that birthdays not only celebrate how far you've come, but how much more lies ahead. :)

    it was amazing, indeed, kells! senate has your name ALL over it...road trip?!


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