November 21, 2011

A great cause to kick off this holiday week from Centrepoint, an organization assisting over 1,300 young homeless people a year in London and the North East. Centrepoint, along with 17 of the most fab artists of the moment...Manolo Blahnik, Emma Cook, and Katie Hillier, to name a few...have launched an auction of incredibly designed stag heads. Seriously, I'd take them all. The bidding began last week, and by the looks of these beauties, I'd say it won't last long. Check out the other stags HERE...have a great Monday!


  1. These are incredible!!! I will take the mr. gold-plated antlers please...

  2. I've got some antlers they can paint! LOL!

  3. i've got a few sets, too, amy! i'm sure the hubs wouldn't mind if i jazzed them up a bit. xo


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