October 20, 2011

Chewy, crusty perfection.
A pretty little arrangement...to keep the wine company.
Reds and Whites.
A stack of inspiration.
Glasses waiting to be filled with brandy. It helped us all digest between courses. Really. 
A place setting.
A place card.
I'm SO not a food photographer, but I had to document and share a picture of l' aperitif that my sister and I made...canapes d'croque monsieur. Cozy goodness.
Future homes of french onion soups.
Bread, bread, and more bread. Obsessed? Oui!
Bags of popcorn were served...so cute! Each batch was drizzled in truffle butter and sprinkled with green onion.
Foamed blue cheese with a port reduction.
Two very happy (and full) sisters. We've decided that French Fest will be a tradition. And we pledged to conduct some serious wine research between now and then. Good times...salut!


  1. this post is so beautiful! it looks so perfect and fun!!! what an amazing party idea~

  2. thanks, friend! it was pretty major...already looking forward to next year! xo

  3. Thanks for the idea - I'm always loving anything that involves wine!

  4. me, too! i'll gladly pass along the croque monsieur recipe...delish. :)


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