June 13, 2011

A collection of books and field guides.
 A tasty treat from the Sips and Snacks menu of the week.
A very happy Campbell about to dig in.
 A great example of pattern and symmetry! Too cute...
 Campbell's finished collection!
 A colorful detail of another Sprout's work.
Emily's awesome artist bag of goodies. :)
I designed sketchbooks and pencil flags for the kids, and included a gripper, heart eraser, sticker page, and a decorate-your-own initial...super fun.

Sprout Studio's first ART CAMP project this summer was...A BUTTERFLY COLLECTION! Our inspiration? Mother Nature, of course (one of the most talented artists around). We studied butterflies and their life cycles while we learned about color, shape, line and texture...some of our favorite elements of art. It was a lot of fun to explore pattern and symmetry, too! My favorite detail that was used by almost everyone was the smiley face...classic. A sweet little surprise that added charm and happiness to every collection.Looking forward to week two of ART CAMP. Next up? BRILLIANT BOOKMAKING!


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