March 29, 2011

Warmer weather and longer days lead to one of my favorite things...eating out! And I don't mean heading out for sushi or tamales. I mean eating OUT. On a patio, on a blanket in the park, on the front porch steps, or at any of the tables that have been so amazingly set in the photos above. Allow me to introduce you to Outstanding in the Field. This organization throws large-scale dinner parties just about anywhere you could imagine...and few places you probably couldn't. Beaches, mountaintops, gardens, vineyards, and even a sea cave or two. Outstanding's mission? To introduce diners to the land, and ultimately to the origins of their food. The theme of each meal, no matter where the location may be, is to honor the farmers and food artisans that have dedicated their lives to bringing good food to the table. Tickets are on sale now...bon app├ętit!

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