December 2, 2010

{ Stocking Stuffers }

One of my favorite things to buy for Christmas! What is it about the little treasures in your stocking that's so exciting? It was all candy (topped off with a festive orange) when I was small, but I switched things up a bit when my boys came along. The sweets remain, and the orange, but with candy canes and chocolate kisses comes a collection of trinkets, toys, and gadgets, too. Here's a few ideas that I came across recently...for the littles and bigs on your list this year. 

List makers, rejoice! These pocket journals have space to record details on every bottle—winery or brewery, price, and your star rating. $5 each at

Start with a blank canvas (also known as plain white shirt) and let him create his own design. Once dry, your little Rembrant can wear his “tag” for all to see. $9 per set at

The epitome of the just-one-bite dessert: small bittersweet chocolate–covered delights accented with espresso, sea salt, chili, or popcorn(!). $16 for eight ounces at

A set of five time-honored tricks, including a whoopee cushion and a hand buzzer. Ridley’s Classic Joke Set $12 at

A bag bulging with miniature cowboys and Indians feels like a treasure chest—even to modern kids. Ages five and up. $15 at

Champagne Beer! A genius collaboration between Samuel Adams and the Weihenstephen Brewery yields this unexpectedly tasty beverage (definitely more brewski than bubbly). $20 for 750 milliliters at 888-726-2326.

Robots are all the rage. This reconfigurable toy is the perfect procrastination tool. Cubebot $35 at

{via Real Simple Magazine, }

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